MEV-Boost Status Update - July 1-15, 2022

MEV-Boost Status Update - July 1-15, 2022

This MEV-Boost status update covers the past two weeks, from July 1st to July 15th. See also all previous mev-boost status updates.

Development updates


Release of version v0.7.2 (July 6)
Release of version v0.7.3 (July 6)
Release of version v0.7.4 (July 14)


Release of version v0.2.0 (July 6)
Release of version v0.3.0 (July 13)
Release of version v0.3.1 (July 14)
  • Signature add membership check by @avalonche in #21
  • Add more length checks to common types by @jtraglia in #22
  • IndexedAttestation fix and fastssz update by @metachris in #24
  • signature verification test for signedBlindedBeaconBlock by @metachris in #25



Testing and implementation

We are calling all validators to test mev-boost on Ropsten and Kiln

mev-boost is ready for testing, and we need you! If you’re a solo validator or node operator, please help us test on the Kiln and Ropsten networks. Let us work together so the infrastructure is ready for the merge, and validators can profit from MEV from their first block.

Follow this guide to run mev-boost, a consensus client and an execution client: - and feel free to reach out if you need any support in this.

  • Prysm finished the builder-specs integration, is now testable on the develop branch.
  • Teku and Prysm are ready for testing.

Consensus-layer client implementation status

✅ done
✅ done
🐇 advanced
🐇 advanced
🐌 ongoing
Testnet ready
Testing guide

Content and education

Get involved

💡 Learn more about mev-boost at, and about Flashbots at

💬 Reach out via , and #mev-boost in the Flashbots Discord

🛠️ Help us test mev-boost and our relay+builder on all the testnets - available on Kiln, Ropsten and Sepolia. See also detailed instructions at