MEV-Boost Status Update - June 17-24, 2022

MEV-Boost Status Update - June 17-24, 2022

Weekly update on mev-boost development, implementation, testing, content and education.

Development updates

Testing and implementation

  • Ongoing testing on Kiln and Ropsten
  • At the Sepolia merge next week, several validators will run nodes connected to mev-boost

Consensus client implementation status of the builder-spec:

✅ Teku - working & tested. Guide

⏳ Lighthouse - testable integration in a feature branch. Guide

🐌 Lodestar, Nimbus & Prysm - still implementing, not yet testable

Content and education

💡 Learn more about mev-boost at, and about Flashbots at

⭐ You can help with documenting and testing by connecting to our relays on Kiln, Ropsten (and next week on Sepolia too). And by asking your favourite consensus client team to wrap up implementation of the builder spec!