Introducing The Flashbots Transparency Dashboard

Introducing The Flashbots Transparency Dashboard

In celebration of Ethereum’s Merge 🐼 and MEV-Boost’s successful deployment at epoch 146,890, we are proud to announce the release of the Flashbots Transparency Dashboard - NOW LIVE at

About the dashboard

The Flashbots Transparency Dashboard consists of metrics related to the release of the Flashbots MEV-Boost relay since the Merge on September 15, 2022.

It is a part of Flashbots' effort to provide transparency on our products and the broader MEV ecosystem, as well as provide data needed for research by the community. Our goal is to set a standard for open, transparent data policies that the wider community will adopt and continue to expand upon.

This is an initial version of the dashboard showing Ethereum mainnet data post-merge from block #15537940, which is when the first MEV-Boost block was included on-chain.

Submit data requests or report bugs

To submit a new data request, or report a dashboard error - please file an issue here.

Access the data

  • For more information on Ethereum blocks proposed by our MEV-Boost Mainnet Relay, check-out
  • Our relay also provides a Data API, which can be used to query delivered payloads as well as received bids from block builders (with incremental value).
  • We invite everybody to share additional data analyses and comments in the Flashbots data forum.

Additional Resources

Note: Flashbots does not control and cannot verify the data coming from external people and organizations. Please direct questions or issues directly to the creators of external data sources.

⚡  For open discussion about the Transparency Dashboard or other Flashbots topics, check out the Flashbots Forum.