MEV-Boost Mainnet Relay Live!

MEV-Boost Mainnet Relay Live!

The Flashbots MEV-Boost Mainnet Relay is now live and ready for configuration at:

Connect to the Flashbots MEV-Boost Mainnet Relay

  1. Install the latest version of MEV-Boost
  2. Run mev-boost pointed at our Mainnet Relay with the following command:
./mev-boost -mainnet -relay-check -relays

Note: You can add multiple relays comma-separated to the -relays flag, like this: -relays https://relay1,https://relay2

  1. Configure a supported consensus client. Detailed instructions are available on the MEV-boost testing wiki, and guides for connecting the client to mev-boost can be found in the consensus client compatibility table, along with associated client setup guide.
  2. Confirm the setup works by calling the data API to see your validator registration (example).

⚡ If you have additional questions, please ask on GitHub or Discord!