MEV-Boost Status Update - Aug 12-26, 2022

MEV-Boost Status Update - Aug 12-26, 2022

This MEV-Boost status update covers the past two weeks, from August 12-26 2022.

Development updates

The Flashbots boost-relay source code was published! 🎉


Validator Registrations on Goerli/Prater Update

Update on Github issues filed with Nimbus, Teku, and Lighthouse by jcrtp. Currently, Prysm does not appear to be affected by this problem. Nimbus has fixed the issue in their 22.8 release. Teku fixed the bug, LH has a fix but it hasn't been merged yet. Please update client software if available!

Live Flashbots MEV-Boost Relays

Relay Monitor:


Various Updates

Testing and implementation

Consensus-layer client implementation status

🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
Testnet ready

Content and education

Get involved

🛠️ Help us test mev-boost and our relay+builder on all the testnets - available on Kiln, Ropsten, Sepolia and Goerli. See also detailed instructions at

💡 Learn more about mev-boost at, and about Flashbots at

💬 Reach out via , and #mev-boost in the Flashbots Discord