MEV-Boost Status Update - Aug 27-Sept 9, 2022

This MEV-Boost status update covers the past two weeks, from Aug 27 - Sep 9 2022.

The Merge

Merge Events:

  • Nethermind 24h Live Merge Coverage - Youtube ‘election-style’ commentary on emerging Merge data, reflections on the past years Merge journey, and predictions for how things will change will be discussed.
  • EthStaker Mainnet Merge Livestream - Join Bankless, The Daily Gwei, and EthStaker along with notable guests and the wider Ethereum community as we celebrate the Ethereum network transition from Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake.

Development updates

The Mainnet Relay is LIVE 🎉 Live stats on validator registrations available here: https://boost-relay.flashbots.net 🚀


MEV-Boost Relay

  • Released v0.82
We’ve updated the Builder Payments to Block Proposer specification! FeeRecipent address is set as the builder’s address. Proposer payment is sent as a transaction at the end of the proposed block!

Flashbots Goerli relay now accepts external block submissions

Live Flashbots MEV-Boost Relays

We have shutdown the testnet relay and builder Goerli-Shadow-Fork-6 and Kiln. Resources will be focused on the Goerli and Mainnet networks going forward.

Relay Monitor

Various Updates

  • Sarah Liu to deploy disclose.io for bug bounty program addressing issues with Flashbots infrastructure.
  • Rocketpool just released latest Smartnode version that includes the mainnet Flashbots relay.

Testing and implementation

MEV-Boost documentation is now live at https://docs.flashbots.net/flashbots-mev-boost/introduction. 🤖 🎉

Consensus-layer client implementation status

🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
Testnet ready

Content and education

Get involved

🛠️ Help us test mev-boost and our relay+builder on all the testnets - available on Kiln, Ropsten, Sepolia and Goerli. See also detailed instructions at https://github.com/flashbots/mev-boost#usage.

💡 Learn more about mev-boost at https://github.com/flashbots/mev-boost, and about Flashbots at docs.flashbots.net.

💬 Reach out via , and #mev-boost in the Flashbots Discord.