MEV-Boost Status Update - July 15-29, 2022

MEV-Boost Status Update - July 15-29, 2022

This MEV-Boost status update covers the past two weeks, from July 15th to July 29th. See all previous mev-boost status updates here.

Development updates


  • Final report of the first code audit published
  • mev-boost is now generally feature complete and fully tested. Only minor incremental improvements are expected from here on.
  • Releases of mev-boost v0.7.5, v0.7.6 and v0.7.7
    • Addressing the remaining low-priority issues from the code audit
    • Minor quality-of-life improvements
    • Installation now possible with: go install

Boost Relays

Live Flashbots relays:

External relays:

Relay API Spec


Various Updates

Testing and implementation

Consensus-layer client implementation status

🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
Testnet ready

Content and education

Get involved

💡 Learn more about mev-boost at, and about Flashbots at

💬 Reach out via, and #mev-boost in the Flashbots Discord

🛠️ Help us test mev-boost and our relay+builder on all the testnets - available on Kiln, Ropsten and Sepolia. See also detailed instructions at