MEV-Boost Status Update - Sep 9-Sept 22, 2022

This MEV-Boost status update covers the past two weeks, from Sep 9 - Sep 22, 2022. Note: Beginning September 23, 2022, we are updating the MEV-Boost Status Update release schedule from bi-weekly to update per month.

MEV-Boost Live on PoS Ethereum 🥳

  • 🐼 Ethereum finalized 'The Merge' at block 15537393 on September 15, 2022, at 1:42:42 EST. The transition took place without a hitch, with only one missing block.
  • 🤖The Flashbots MEV-Boost relay successfully sent bids beginning at epoch 146,890.
 Block 15537940 is the first PoS block proposed by MEV-Boost. The Flashbots team is incredibly proud to be apart of such a big moment in the history of Ethereum. We want to thank ETH2 Working Group node operators, contributors, researchers, friends, the Ethereum community, and internal Flashbots mates for all the hard work and support leading up to this historic moment. We did it! 🥳 🎉 

Development updates

⭐  MEV-Boost v1.3.2 Released ⭐

This release went live September 22, 2022, and includes several notable upgrades and QoL improvements:

  • getPayload requests are sent only to the relay(s) which had the bid (not to every relay as before)
  • Enhanced logging which simplifies debugging, in particular on errors
  • -debug cli argument to enable debug logs
  • Improved end-to-end testing with Ethereum Foundation test data. Fixed potential issue with voluntary exits.

Additional Development Updates

Flashbots MEV-Boost Relays

Testnet Discontinuation: We have shutdown relay and builder infrastructure for Goerli-Shadow-Fork-6, Ropsten, and Kiln. Resources will be focused on the Mainnet, Goerli, and Sepolia networks going forward.

Relay Monitor

Various Updates

Testing and implementation

Consensus-layer client implementation status

🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
🎉 done
Testnet ready

Content and education

Get involved

💡 Learn more about MEV-Boost at https://github.com/flashbots/mev-boost, the MEV-Boost Website, and Flashbots MEV-Boost documentation.

💬 Reach out via , and #mev-boost in the Flashbots Discord.